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Please look around and have some fun, but first I'd like to introduce you to my new children's book Riki and J.R.: The Big Bad Scary Mud Puddle and my new novella, Homespun Christmas, included in Christmas of Hope: An Anthology of 7 Christian Inspirational Holiday Stories.

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Christmas of Hope: An Anthology of 7 Christian Inspirational Holiday Stories


A Collection of Christian Inspirational novellas by 7 different authors, with a little romance and an abundance of sweet, heartwarming moments that are sure to get you in the holiday spirit this Christmas.


Homespun Christmas—by Darlene Panzera. When her family informs her they are only exchanging handmade gifts this holiday season, Cassie Sutherland only has one week to ditch the ones she'd bought at the store and find creative replacements. Can handsome newcomer, Logan Whittaker, offer inspiration and help her rediscover her God-given talents?

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Available at:   Amazon    Barnes & Noble

Riki is afraid of puddles. Can J.R. show Riki that water can be fun?

Riki doesn't want to disappoint her rider, but when she comes across a dark puddle on the wooded trail, she is very afraid and rather run home than walk through the scary wet stuff.

J.R. is a western rodeo horse. He's new to the barn and doesn't have many friends. The other horses at the barn think he is different because he spins around in strange patterns.

But when the two horses meet, it's non-stop fun as J.R. shows Riki how to conquer her fears.

Featuring vibrant full color illustrations, a bit of humor, and highlighting themes of friendship, diversity, and perseverance, this delightful story about these two friends is great for ages 3 to 8 but sure to charm horse lovers of all ages.

Based on two real life horses, readers have the opportunity to write to the real Riki and J.R. and receive a letter in return.

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